I stumbled upon magic when a friend of mine introduced me to a simple illusion that I couldn’t resist learning. After that one simple illusion, I’ve become unstoppable. It’s been ten years now since I uncovered my true passion, and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. The real magic resides within the astonishment and wonder caused by the split second of an unknown reality.
I look forward to making your event one to remember.



My Journey starts long before I ever thought about becoming a Magician. 

I was born inside the city limits of London. When I was three, we made the jump to the states. My Dad had gotten a job opportunity, and he believed that there were many more opportunities in the States than there was in London. I also had a brother and a sister.

Can you spot me in  the picture?…yes! ..that’s me in the middle…

little Mr Chunky the magician to be.

We settled down in Orlando, Florida. From that moment on, my childhood was near to perfect. I had two amazing parents, 4 siblings (yes, two more sisters joined our family), and our own house.




Next Chapter 

I went through the school system with my older brother and sister, learning how life works. The years went by, one after another until 2007 came.

My family in 2007 needed to leave America so our next home for several year was now in the lovely Green Ireland, I did not set foot back into the USA until 2011


I started school when the new year began in 2008. It was not ideal as a new kid with an accent,  it gave kids the opportunity   to say… “Lets pick on him!” but I learned to manage my way around this new school life, learning the new language, Gaelic (the Irish language) –not as easy as it sounds) the Irish version of math and dogging the odd bully, but eventually I found my friends.

I continued to grow in Ireland, learning my way around life. Then, in 2011, we were allowed to revisit Florida for the first time in 4 Years. My Parents agreed, so we all went. It was the most surreal feeling walking out of the Orlando airport. I recognized the accents, the heat. I was home. I had been dreaming of this for years. I saw all of my old family friends. We stayed for two whole weeks.

There was a down side to all of this though, my sister decided to stay in Florida. She was 17 and was old enough to decide where she wanted to live, so she stayed in Florida by herself.  Here is a picture of me with her in 2013. 



That same year that Rachel stayed in Florida, my dad relocated for work again, and you guessed it, Austin, Texas was the new home. 2012 was the next big year of my life. My dad got remarried! Yes, my parents got divorced somewhere along this story line but that is a story for another time.  We all got to come back out to America again for the wedding!



What a wonderful time. Some of the most incredible memories I have, have taken place on this day, visiting family members I had not seen in years, wearing that fantastic suit. Looking snazzy!


My older brother was now living in the USA with my sister and one day I know I would return also when I was old enough. For now, I was enjoying life with my Irish friends, my fabulous mum and two younger sisters. This picture below was when I first moved to Ireland, I know it is old, but I love it very much.


When I was old enough to make the decision to move to the states, we all agreed it was best if my younger sisters were to come with me.
        I had this image in my head that when I finally got to come back home to America, it would be the same. Same house, same school, same life. But as I am sure you know, that is not exactly how it went. But I had been through this before. Everyone was much more welcoming here. My first day of high school. New school, new continent.


My new passion that I found in high school was running.  Here is one of my first running photos. Yes, that is my brother behind me. I always kicked his butt.

High school brought me a new passion: I became a runner. I started my freshman year of high school. Here is one of my first running photos. Yes, that is my brother behind me. I always kicked his butt.


 I trained like I was in the Olympics. For you runners out there, my first two mile race was completed in 12:30. My fastest ever 2 mile was clocked in 9:50. Not lighting fast, but honorable. I also competed in cross country, running the 5k in 16:02, and my 1 mile personal best is 4:23. Oh, good times. 


This picture below is my 2nd place finish at the cross country state final in Texas, 2015.

Looking at all of these old pictures brings back great memories. Learning how to push your self and how to not quit. It was a critical learning curve in my life. Running taught me how to grow up. The picture below was my most significant accomplishment in my running career. Winning the 2015 2 mile state Texas championship run at the Baylor stadium.

A Big Thumbs up for running!




It was at this time in my life, the most significant change happened to date. I first saw my future wife. She was sitting across the lunchroom from me my senior year eating her beans and rice. I fell in love with her instantaneously, just like a fairy tale.  It was also at this time, I first began learning magic. My cousin showed me a magic trick, and I could not believe my eyes. I begged her to let me in on the secret. When she finally told me, I was hooked.  I began filming myself performing, learning, and critiquing myself. I started to bring cards with me to work, showing my co-workers and my bosses, that is when they would catch me. I was so fascinated with magic, I could not stop learning


Maritza and I grew closer and closer after high school. Before you could say abracadabra, we were married and had two little ones to keep us company. Yes, our two lovely children. 


 Micah and lily are the sweetest kids I know with the biggest personalities. 

Here is a beautiful picture of my girls. 

My wife and kids are number 1 in my life. They are the reason why I get up and push forward. 



Micah is just as precious as Lily. He shares his toys with other kids and is obsessed with firetrucks and magic. 


This brings us to today. I know that this was  brief, but I just wanted to get you to know me. I don’t want you to feel like you are hiring a stranger when you are looking for entertainment. I know I would feel nervous having a stranger come over to my home. But at least now you know my story. I am a husband who is in love with his wife and kids while unable to stop shuffling cards.


Please feel free to reach out to me and ask any questions you may have for me; anything goes. When you hire me, I want you to know you are hiring James. 

All the best to you,


James the Magician.